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Syrah is a grape variety with thick, bluish-black skin, and a juicy core with colorless juice. At Vifrana, we cultivate this variety using only organic fertilizers, certified at European level. The resulting wine is therefore organic and bears the organic emblem, recognized at Union level.

Patrician Syrah is a dry red wine with a well-integrated alcohol of 13%. The grapes are picked and sorted by hand, and the wine is aged in oak barrels. As soon as you enjoy this wine, you will feel the delicate aromas of vanilla and slightly sour red fruits. The wine goes well with pork, beef or chicken recipes, spaghetti / penne with red sauce, but also desserts, such as cheesecake with berry sauce, milk chocolate pralines, plum tart, etc.

Patrician Syrah is a balanced wine, but with a personality, pleasant to the taste, which can be drunk in the comfort of your home or with friends at a picnic, for example.

Note: In Vifrana plantations we use only certified organic fertilizers. Our vineyards are ecologically certified, and the wines are of Adamclisi protected origin. Patrician Syrah is, along with other Vifrana wines, the right choice if you want to enjoy a clean, organic wine with a special taste.

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