Symposion _

FETEASCA NEAGRA dry (authentic romanian variety)

Year 2011

Fetească Neagră is a local grape variety, a vigorous variety, resistant to frost and drought. The berries of these grapes are small and spherical, with a juicy interior, and give a wine with character, which will surely remain in your memory.

Symposion Fetească Neagră is entirely made from organic grapes, harvested and sorted by hand. The wine has been aged in roasted oak barrels, which gives it a light woody note. The taste reveals aromas of berries, delicate and pleasant to the senses. With a concentration of 14% alcohol, Symposion Fetească Neagră is a versatile ecological wine, and can be associated with many culinary preparations.

You can choose to enjoy a glass of Symposion Fetească Neagră with the main dishes based on meat (pork, beef, duck), cool salads with salmon, beef, medium intensity gorgonzola sauce, but also with chocolate desserts (muffins, cake, blackberry with cherries, etc.) or tarts with berries. Of course, you can find other delicious combinations, it is important to enjoy everything that nature offers you, including this organic wine.

Note: In Vifrana plantations we use only certified organic fertilizers. Our vineyards are ecologically certified, and the wines are of Adamclisi protected origin. Symposion Fetească Neagră is, together with the other Vifrana wines, the right choice, if you want to enjoy an ecological wine with a special taste.

Winner of the Silver Medal at the international wine competition Mundus Vini – Nuremberg 2012.


Main features:

  • Alc. -13% vol
  • Dry extract – 31.5 g / l
  • Tartaric acidity – 5.1 g / l
  • Sulfite content – 64.0 mg / l (maximum permissible limit according to EC Regulation No. 1234/2007 and No. 889/2008 – 100 mg / l)
  • Reducing sugar – 2.0 g / l

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