Patrician _

Feteasca Neagra

Year 2011
Fetească Neagră is a local grape variety, a vigorous variety, resistant to frost and drought. The berries of these grapes are small and spherical, with a juicy interior, and give a wine with character, which will surely remain in your memory.

From this variety we masterfully created Patrician Fetească Neagră, an organic wine with an alcohol concentration of 14%, well integrated. Intense, ruby-red in color, this robust wine will surprise you with its slightly ripe berries and plum aromas.

Patrician Fetească Neagră is aged in a barrel of burnt oak inside, which gives it, both olfactory and gustatory, notes of cocoa and / or burnt caramel. And because we are talking about a wine with personality, we can’t help but suggest you enjoy it in peace with a spicy beef or pork, prepared in the oven or on the grill. Patrician Fetească Neagră goes well with a lamb leg with baked vegetables, sprinkled with this organic red wine, but also with a duck breast drizzled with butter and thyme sprigs.

Note: In Vifrana plantations we use only certified organic fertilizers. Our vineyards are ecologically certified, and the wines are of Adamclisi protected origin. Patrician Fetească Neagră is, together with the other Vifrana wines, the right choice, if you want to enjoy a clean, ecological wine with a special taste.

Main features:

  • Alc. -13% vol
  • Dry extract – 26.9 g / l
  • Tartaric acidity – 5.28 g / l
  • Sulfite content – 59.39 mg / l (maximum permitted according to EC Regulation No. 1234/2007 and No. 889/2008 – 100 mg / l)
  • Reducing sugar – 2.59 g / l

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