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Year 2011

Chardonnay is one of the most widely planted grape varieties in the world and is distinguished by the elegant aromas of flowers and fruits. Chardonnay grapes are small, with uneven grains in size, medium-thick, yellow-green shell covered with small brown spots and juicy flesh.

From this variety, we produce on the hills of Dobrogea, Patrician Chardonnay. It is an organic wine, obtained entirely from organic grapes, vinified in the dry, with wild yeasts. The wine has a concentration of 13% alcohol, a pleasant yellow color and a fresh aroma, an amalgam of exotic fruits and fragrant flowers. The taste is dominated by notes of citrus, but also the aromas of green bell peppers.

Patrician Chardonnay is a young wine, liked by many white wine lovers. He can accompany you in summer or winter, along with cool dishes, but it also goes well with a traditional dish. It’s versatile, so you can let your imagination run wild looking for the best culinary combinations for you.
Pleasant to taste, Patrician Chardonnay goes well with seafood and fish, chicken and turkey, smoked or baked. And if you love cheese, brie and Cheddar cheeses will go great with a glass of chardonnay wine. Complete the plate with a few figs and you get a really delicious snack.

Note: In Vifrana plantations we use only certified organic fertilizers. Our vineyards are ecologically certified, and the wines are of Adamclisi protected origin. Patrician Chardonnay is, along with other Vifrana wines, the right choice if you want to enjoy an organic wine with an elegant taste.


Main features:

  • Alc. -14.5% vol
  • Dry extract – 23.0 g / l
  • Tartaric acidity – 5.1 g / l
  • Sulfite content – 74.0 mg / l (maximum permissible limit according to EC Regulation No. 1234/2007 and No. 889/2008 – 150 mg / l)
  • Reducing sugar – 1.91 g / l

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